Hainan has released four institutional innovation cases in the field of social governance

Last update time:2020-01-03 09:57:46



       On December 23, the Provincial Committee for Deep Reform (Free Trade Office) released four cases of institutional innovation in the social governance field, including strengthening the grassroots party building in cities to improve the overall effectiveness of tourism supervision services. These cases use institutional innovation to solve various aspects of social governance problems and help further improve the modernization of social governance in our province.

  The four institutional innovation cases in the field of social governance are:

  Improve the overall efficiency of tourism supervision services by strengthening party building at the grassroots level in cities.In order to solve the problems of the supervision of the tourism market, lack of tourism elements in urban areas, and weak governance at the grassroots level in the city, Sanya City has established a sound institutional mechanism that promotes the development of tourism in the entire region through the establishment of urban grassroots party construction. A new pattern of co-construction, co-governance, and sharing has been established, which includes "regional coordination, integration of various fields, and all-round interaction."

  Effectively integrate the strength of the tourism supervision department, give play to the role of urban community party organizations as a fortress, accelerate the development of tourism in the entire region, and comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry in Hainan. By giving play to the role of party building and commanding, the general branch of the Citizen Visitor Center serves as the combat command center of the "Brigade Group Army", breaking the barriers between 16 key units involved in the brigade. Relying on the "Four in One" mechanism, it has created a precedent for "integrated" supervision of the tourism market. Through the "hotline", the complaints of citizens and tourists were transmitted to 159 units in a timely manner. The time taken by law enforcement agencies to reach the scene was reduced from one hour to 30 minutes. The investigation and handling of tourist contradictions and disputes were quickly investigated and described as a 24-hour "caring steward" by citizens and tourists, effectively improving tourists' sense of security and satisfaction.

  Innovate community participatory budget reform with “micro-facts”.Through the community-participated budget reform in Meilan District, Haikou City, it asks the people and asks for the people, and uses the limited financial funds to solve the "critical and difficult" livelihood public service projects. Three fundamental transformations have been realized: from "government side dishes" to "ordering the people", "owning the people" to "owning the people", "single supply" to "multiple participation". There are 543 public service projects proposed by the people. Including 266 engineering construction categories, 123 equipment procurement categories, and 154 public service procurement categories, the number of beneficiaries reached 356,000, which met the needs of the people and further improved the livelihood environment.

  Establish a full-time, diversified and comprehensive mediation mechanism for contradictions and disputes. The province's innovative development of "Fengqiao Experience" takes the lead in achieving full coverage of full-time people's mediators. And based on the upgraded version of people's mediation, coordinated promotion of people's mediation, administrative mediation, industry-specific professional mediation, and judicial mediation. The contradiction was resolved in time, risks were intangible, and a “all-factors, full-caliber” multi-media mediation pattern with Hainan regional characteristics was formed to promote the innovative development of social governance. Compared with 2013, in 2018, the province's citizens' transfer cases dropped from 236 to 14 cases. Since 2015, only 7,634 of the 124,689 traffic accident cases in the province have entered court, and the remaining 117,055 cases have been settled through mediation. The mediation settlement rate is as high as 93.88%. In 2019, the province received 430 medical cases, of which 252 were successfully mediated.

  Use the Incident Command System (ICS) to optimize the flood and wind emergency command mechanism. Our province learns advanced foreign concepts of disaster reduction and relief in combination with the actual practice of flood and wind emergency response and typhoon response. They innovatively merged the four basic systems of "on-duty standby work regulations, consultation and dispatching systems, internal action guidelines, and plan management manuals" and "Hainan Province's emergency plan for flood control and drought relief" with the Incident Command System (ICS). In addition, a set of guiding operation mechanisms applicable to the emergency treatment of flood control and windbreak were summarized and refined. It has effectively improved our province's emergency response capabilities for flood control and wind protection. (Reporter of Hainan Daily, Li Lei).