A Judge Salon Held to Share Experience in Trial

Last update time:2021-03-02 15:43:23

On February 25th, Tang Bo, Zhong Yujing, members of the Judicial Committee of Qiongshan District People’s Court of Haikou, visited Haikou Maritime Court. Vice president Jian Wancheng, Duan Hongbin, members of the Party leadership group of Haikou Maritime Court, Zhong Aiping, member of the Judicial Committee, attended the meeting.



Visitors were shown around the litigation service center, internet court, diversified dispute resolution center, history center, C4 Command Center, creative classroom, and library of Haikou Maritime Court, to learn about the maintenance and renovation of the trial building, the service for foreign-related cases, the diversified dispute resolution platform, and the building of the court’s culture.



At the meeting, Zhong Aiping extended warm welcome to Tang Bo and his team, and invited insights from both sides based on their practice in work, to help each other to make progress.  



Further discussion was held to cover issues of litigation service, trial management, judicial protection of the environment, and the trial of foreign-related criminal cases. It was acknowledged at the meeting that we should procure the case filing division to act more actively based on the overall situation, improve the building of the trial team, and do a better job in separating complicated cases from simple ones, so as to settle 70% of cases during the case filing stage; we should give full play to online mediation platforms, strengthen dynamic management of cases, and make more feasible rules for the random assignment of cases to judges; we should locate the balance point between the protection of marine environment and the livelihood of fishermen, to achieve both social effect and legal effect in the trial of relevant cases; and we should especially follow the valid and standard procedures during the trial of foreign-related cases, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both Chinese and foreign parties. Both sides also exchanged opinions on informatization construction and the role of judicial auxiliary staff based on their practice in work.



Vice president Jian Wancheng thanked the visitors for their valuable sharing. He said he was impressed by the high performance, the solid work and outcomes of Qiongshan court, and that Haikou Maritime Court had so many to learn from its innovative measures and performance. Jian hoped both sides would strengthen communication to achieve new progress and to make new contribution to the construction of the free trade port.