Improve the Capacity in Maritime Criminal Trial and Promote the Reform of "Trinity Mode" in Maritime Trial A Lecture on "Maritime Crimes" was held by Haikou Maritime Court

Last update time:2021-02-25 17:34:15


On 24 February, Haikou Maritime Court invited Ms. Zhao Wei, member of the council in Chinese Group of the International Association of Penal Law, executive member of the council of Chinese Society of Criminology and Professor of Ningbo University Law School, to give a lecture for the judges, court staff and judicial personnel. Relevant personnel from Hainan University, the First Branch of the People’s Procuratorate of Hainan Province and Hainan Coast Guard were invited to attend the lecture.



With the topic of “Imbalance of the China’s Criminal Law System for Traffic Crimes and the Improvement Suggestions”, Professor Zhao Wei introduced the current concept and model of China’s criminal laws in regulating traffic crimes, as well as the status quo of the long-term decline in legislation and justice for marine traffic crimes. With relevant theories and practices both at home and abroad, Professor Zhao deeply analyzed the reasons for the decline of China’s criminal laws regulating the marine traffic crimes and addressed opinions and suggestions on the improvement of the concept and system of criminal laws governing traffic crimes involving vehicles and ships by starting from the control of public transportation risks, the transition of the concept and mode of control and regulation by criminal law. Lastly, based on maritime trial practice, Professor Zhao brought forward solutions to difficult issues in the trial practice for determining the subject of criminal liability for ship-related incidents and the handling of cases of missing person overboard.



In the course of her lecture, Professor Zhao Wei systematically sorted out the laws and regulations related to traffic crimes and explained the same by relying on a large number of trial practices and cases in everyday language so as to give the audience a better understanding of the current legal issues related to maritime traffic crimes in China. It’s a lecture with a strong theoretical and practical nature, which is of great significance to Haikou Maritime Court to accelerate the reform of “trinity mode” in maritime trial.



After the lecture, representatives of relevant departments also discussed and exchanged views on difficult issues such as the exercise of jurisdiction in the maritime areas under China’s jurisdiction, the types of and responses to maritime criminal cases, the connection of investigation, prosecution and judicial organs, and the issuance of relevant certificates for missing crew members.