Haikou Maritime Court Held a Party Group Extended Meeting to Study the Speech of President Zhou Qiang

Last update time:2021-01-18 09:26:15


On the morning of January 4, 2021, Haikou Maritime Court held a party group extended meeting to study the spirit of the speech of Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People's Court, delivered during his research on courts of Hainan Province. Major court leaders and heads of all divisions attended the meeting.


The meeting pointed out that Zhou’s special trip to Haikou Maritime Court during his research fully demonstrated his concern and support for the maritime judicial work. Zhou expected better maritime adjudication service to guarantee the construction of the Free Trade Port and safeguard the state’s maritime rights and judicial sovereignty. Inspired by his speech, the Court vowed to shoulder more responsibilities and press ahead in the year to make achievements to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.


The meeting proposed specific implementation measures as below:


First,  making overall plans and improving the working mechanism

We should efficiently put the spirit of the speech of Zhou into the specific practice of Haikou Maritime Court. We should secure the development of the cruise and yacht industry by the rule of law, making it a specialty of our maritime judicial service. We should offer judicial protection to the marine ecological environment and deliver highlight cases of maritime trial. We should step up efforts to build the two “one-stop” diversified dispute resolution systems to address disputes at the root. We should promote the construction of smart court and provide more accessible litigation services and improve the efficiency of trial by applying modern technologies in judicial practice. We should urge tribunals of the court to continue playing important roles in the governance of communities and to better serve the development of major industrial parks in Hainan Province.


Second, making innovations and implementing the quality case strategy

Development of maritime court relies on innovation. We should follow the requirements of Shen Xiaoming, secretary of the provincial Party committee, to Emancipate the Mind, Be Bold to Explore and Try, Dare to Foster Innovation, and put the integrated innovation of system as a work priority. We should be problem-oriented, tackle the issues which are closely connected with maritime trial, and set examples that other courts may refer to. We should intensify trial and research of cases involving the Free Trade Port, draw conclusions from different types of cases, and form a maritime adjudication rule applying to the Free Trade Port, so as to deliver quality cases. We should encourage every member of the court to develop innovative thinking and put it into practice.


Third, fulfilling all tasks and missions with determination

We should implement the SAR(Special Administrative Region) spirits to take risks and make innovations, and safeguard the Free Trade Port construction with a sense of responsibility and mission. We should overcome the negative thinking of waiting for help or relying on others, and actively move forward on all tasks. We should adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while keeping performance stable, and formulate overall plans to steadily promote our work. We should promote the spirit of perseverance and dedicate ourselves to fulfilling all decisions and arrangements.


Fourth, persevering in exercising self-discipline in the Party

We should take Party conduct as a work priority and make use of the “four forms” of discipline supervision and enforcement. We should take prompt action to nip corruption in the bud. We should learn lessons from Zhang Jiahui and Wang Qingwei cases, keep ourselves self-disciplined, and effectively hold the bottom line. We should create a clean and fair court by taking solid steps to improve our work and to raise the self-discipline awareness.