Garbage Sorting Campaign Began

Last update time:2020-11-18 10:30:05

To carry out the work plan of the provincial Party committee and provincial government on further ecological progress which aims at promoting garbage sorting in the Party and government offices and public institutions, and to act on the Notice on the Work Plan for Garbage Sorting in the Party and Government Offices and Public Institutions issued by the Hainan Government Offices Administration, Haikou Maritime Court kicks off the well-planned garbage sorting campaign, to make good reduction of domestic garbage of the court.  




Building a solid foundation to ensure smooth operation  

A mobilization meeting on garbage sorting is held to define the goals, tasks, division of responsibilities, and supporting measures. Publicity on garbage sorting, enhancement of the intangible and tangible facilities of public areas, and supervision over garbage sorting have been made priorities of the campaign, which ensure that the sorting will be carried out in a planned and orderly manner.    




Strengthening publicity to raise public awareness for garbage sorting

The Court has invited lecturers from the Hainan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development to give lectures on garbage sorting to all the court staff and property management personnel, which help raise their awareness of garbage sorting and encourage them to take action actively. Posters have been placed on noticeable locations on each floor to advocate the special knowledge and methods for garbage sorting, and to encourage court staff to get involved in the campaign actively and set good example for their families and friends to follow suit. It is expected that the exemplary effect will spur concerted efforts to create a good atmosphere for garbage sorting in the community.




Making appropriate arrangements to facilitate sorting of garbage

Garbage is classified into harmful waste, kitchen waste, recyclable waste, and other waste, and garbage collection and storage stations, identified with eye-catching marks, are set up. Appropriate number and type of garbage bins and garbage collection centers have been set in public areas based on actual needs. More garbage sorting marks and guides will be placed within the office building and trial building. It is expected that garbage bins are set reasonably to ensure convenient collection and accessible transport of garbage.