Haikou Maritime Court held a meeting to study and give guidance to its performance on trial and enforcement in the first ten months of 2020

Last update time:2020-11-23 15:54:08


To enhance the quality and efficiency of trial and to achieve the year’s objectives in trial and enforcement, on November 6, Haikou Maritime Court held a meeting to study its performance in trial and enforcement since the start of the year until October, pinpoint the problems, and give guidance for the next steps to be taken for the remaining days of the year. Major court leaders, heads of all divisions, and all the staff from the trial and enforcement divisions attended the meeting.




At the meeting, the head of the research office gave a report on the overall performance on trial and enforcement during January and October of 2020, and he elaborated on the implementation of the principle of “coordinating planning and implementation to secure simultaneous development” in trial and enforcement. Heads of the trial and enforcement divisions reported their work progress in the first ten months and presented their plans for the next stage. The major leaders commented and gave further guidance in respect of the work of the divisions they were in charge.




Vice President Jian Wancheng, upon the entrustment of President Xu Yahui, made some expectations for the trial and enforcement job to be carried out in the rest of the year:


First, raise awareness and press on

All the divisions should have a keen awareness of the tough situations of the trial and enforcement tasks, as the end of the year is only some 50 days away. A sense of urgency should be heightened and more efforts should be made to ensure accomplishment of the year’s objective.


Second, keep the objective firm in mind, and strengthen management

All the divisions are required to keep the 95% objective firm in mind and make all efforts to build a first-class court. Careful study on every performance index, specific task, work requirements, and the progress of each task should be carried out, to find the problems and address them properly. Divisions in charge of case handling may pool resources as necessary from within the court.


Third, rectify problems found during trial affairs review

Potent measures should be taken to solve problems discovered during trial affairs review. Rules and regulations should be formulated to prevent and curb occurrence of the same or similar problems. The response to trial affairs review will be included in performance assessment this year. Those divisions or individuals negligent in making rectification will be denied the title to assessment rewards.


Fourth, accomplish the tasks with all efforts 

Efforts should be make to deliver quality cases and create specialties and bright spots in alignment with the court’s objectives of the year. An overall plan and all efforts should be in place to accomplish every objectives and goals for the year’s trial and enforcement job with full compliance.