Training Held to Improve Capacity for Criminal Trial

Last update time:2020-09-01 09:13:12


To strengthen the training on capacity for criminal trial and to achieve the main target of “Three in One” maritime trial reform, on August 21, Haikou Maritime Court arranged a training program concerning maritime criminal trial, which would be implemented in two sessions. Ge Man, head of the First Criminal Division of the High People’s Court of Hainan Province, and Wang Ying, head of the Juvenile Case Trial Division of the Haikou Intermediate People’s Court of Hainan Province, were invited to lecture on the program. All the court staff engaged in trial and enforcement, as well as court police attended the training.  



In the training, Chief Judge Ge Man first gave careful analysis on the priorities and risks of the “Three in One” scheme for maritime trial, as well as some procedural issues and public concerns that might arise. She went on introducing the work of criminal trial from perspectives such as the basic concept and procedures of criminal trial and the evidence rules for criminal trial. She said, the trial of maritime criminal cases was highly sensitive, and such cases shall be handled with care to deliver outcomes with political, social and legal effects. At present, maritime court was still at the early stage in criminal trial and it shall develop a long-effect mechanism to collaborate with the public security and public prosecution organs to ensure unimpeded joint efforts between them.



Chief Judge Wang Ying also gave detailed explanation as regards the practice of criminal trial from perspectives including the basic principles of criminal trial, and the procedures and tips for the conduct of a criminal trial. Case analysis and interpretation of laws were also given to make the issues easy to understand. She pointed out that criminal trial was a central link in criminal litigation, and its task was to ascertain evidence and find the facts clearly. Judges engaged in criminal trial shall always be careful, patient and responsible, to serve the people wholeheartedly and to ensure that the people could see in every judicial case that justice was served.



To incorporate criminal cases at sea under the exclusive jurisdiction of maritime court is a major step to further the reform on maritime trial and adjust the maritime trial systems and mechanisms. The training has helped to broaden the thinking and vision on criminal trial of the judges and court police of Haikou Maritime Court, which sets a good start for the timely accomplishment of the “Three in One” reform.