Efficient Trial of Administrative Case by the "Internet Plus Hearing" Scheme

Last update time:2020-09-01 08:56:03


On the morning of August 26, an administrative case was heard efficiently by the internet tribunal of Haikou Maritime Court. It was the first case handled by the internet tribunal since its inception.




The administrative litigation was initiated by three claimants who were dissatisfied with the house demolition and relocation compensation agreement made by the defendant. To reduce the burden on the parties and share the construction fruits of the smart court, the court decided to hear the case via internet after acquiring the consent of both sides. Preparation was made to ensure good internet connection, and instructions were given to get the parties familiar with the various procedures and applications of the internet court system.


In the hearing, clear images and sounds were presented with unimpeded connectivity of the internet, which enabled simultaneous transmission and operation between the court room and the parties at their domiciles. By simply clicking on the links sent by the court, the parties were able to connect to the internet court and check transcripts and signatures online. The online court hearing took only two hours, spending less time compared to the conventional mode. The efficient handling of the case not only made litigation more convenient to the parties, but also achieved win-win outcomes for both the court and the parties alike.  


In respond to the judicial demands of the people in the new era and to reduce the burden of the parties to rush about for lawsuit, Haikou Maritime Court has been working hard to advance the building of a smart court by drawing the merits of other courts in foreign countries. Efforts have been made to build an internet court, actively handle cases via the internet on a regular basis, and implement the reform on jurisdiction of administrative cases across regions. By relying on the internet court, Haikou Maritime Court is able to connect to vessels sailing at sea and conduct trial through the new model by application of intelligent and modern methods, with a view to providing more efficient and enabling judicial services to the construction of the free trade port.