Celebrating the Party's Birthday Party Building Activities (2)

Last update time:2020-07-09 16:11:38

—Party Member Judges of Haikou Maritime Court Visited the Provincial Museum of History Records and the Jiangdong New Area Planning and Exhibition Center  



On the morning of July 3, the court’s vice president Jian Wancheng and vice inspector Yun Wentian, together with more than thirty Party member judges, visited the provincial museum of history records and the exhibition center of Jiangdong New Area to celebrate the 99th birthday of the CPC and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Hainan.   



At the museum of historical records, judges had a good look at the items and pictures on display and shared their thinking on the different historical stages of the province. They also learnt about the geography, history and local cultures and customs of the island in the cultural exhibition section.  


In the hall showcasing the Party’s development, judges were reminded of the province’s armed struggle and the 23-year commitment to revolution. They also reviewed the oaths of jointing the Party under the red Party flag. In the final hall, visitors were shown with the practices, achievements and experiences of Hainan after its liberation, especially after the establishment of the province and the special economic zone.  



In the Jiangdong New Area exhibition center, judges were invited to ascend the 88-meter sightseeing tower to take a good look at the new area. They toured the exhibition halls in the guidance of interpreter and experienced the touch-based screen moving technology and infinite naked-eye 3D sand table, which enabled them to learn about the progress and planning of the new area from full and multiple perspectives. The showcase filled the visitors with great hope for the future of the free trade port.



Following the day’s tour, judges expressed that they would further study and implement the spirits of the importance speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping on April 13 and the No.12 Central Document, and promote and carry on the revolutionary spirit of perseverance for twenty-three years and the enterprising, pioneering and hardworking spirits of the special economic zone. At the moment of the relocation of its office, the court vowed to shoulder the maritime judicial responsibility in the new area and provide judicial service and guarantee for the construction of the free trade port still further.