Haikou Maritime Court and Shanghai Maritime University Signed Cooperation Framework Agreement

Last update time:2020-01-16 08:32:52


A signing ceremony for the cooperation framework agreement between Haikou Maritime Court and Shanghai Maritime University was held at the law school of the university on the morning of December 30, 2019. Wang Yang, the Party Group member and Vice President of the court, Yang Wanfeng, Vice President of the university, Wang Guohua, the law school dean, and representatives from both parties attended the ceremony.



On the ceremony, Wang Yang signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement of Haikou Maritime Court and Shanghai Maritime University and the Cooperation Agreement on the Construction of Practice Base for the School of Law of Shanghai Maritime University with the university’s vice president and the law school dean, respectively. The court also accepted the practice base nameplate from the university.


By signing these agreements, the parties desired to intensify cooperation and exchange in the theoretical research of maritime trial and the training of law talents by establishing a collaboration platform for the research and exchange of maritime law issues, promoting the publicity of maritime justice, providing better training program for law talents, and building teaching practice base for law school students. These approaches would enable the parties to complement each other with their respective strengths and share resources, by which the court will be able to exercise its function of maritime trial and make greater contribution to the national strategies including the Maritime Power Strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Port).


A symposium was held afterwards to have in-depth discussion on specific issues such as exchange of visits, joint seminars, and joint surveys between the parties.